At Spinnakers, we love a good collaboration. It allows us to work with incredible people and organizations, both within the industry and beyond.  On March 8th, we hosted brewers from Twa Dogs, 4 Mile, Lighthouse and Category 12 for the International Woman’s Day Collaboration Brew in support of the Pink Boots Society, a group dedicated to the advancement of women in the beer and brewing industry.

This year, the PBS partnered with Yakima Chief Hops, to create a custom hop blend for the brew with the proceeds of the hop sale, going back to the Pink Boots Society and we used these hops to make a Brut IPA  (a relatively new type of IPA, often compared to Champagne.)  In the spirit of the Pink Boots, we added a touch of hibiscus flowers to give it a kiss of pink and make it a Pink Brut.  It is hop forward with a very clean and dry finish. (You need to pay close attention to your glass as it tends to empty almost without you noticing!)

The Pink Brut is on tap now! Make sure and stop by and grab a pint before this delicious collab brew is gone!