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Classic ales and specialty beers brewed with time honoured techniques and fresh ingredients for a signature flavour.
Current Guest Tap
We have a great selection of rotating Guest Taps to feature the amazing breweries around British Columbia! Come in for a taste, because when they're gone, they're gone.
Fill your Growler

Largest selection of fills in Victoria! In addition to the Growler filler, we offer all Spinnakers beers that are on tap in the Pub! 10am - 11pm.
64oz Growlers for $10-13 and 30oz Squealer for $5-7 depending on the beer chosen.

Daily Casks
  • Monday, April 13 India Session Ale with Cascades
  • Tuesday, April 14 Red Fife Hefeweizen with Honey Comb
  • Wednesday, April 15 Cascadia Dark Alewith Roasted Star Anise
  • Thursday, April 16 Rainforest Loggerwith Victoria’s Secret and Ella Hops
  • Friday, April 17 Spinnakers House 5 Cider with Cascade and Belma hops
February 3, 2015

Celebrating Chocolate

Celebrate your Valentine, or just come in and join us during our week of celebrating chocolate!