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Classic ales and specialty beers brewed with time honoured techniques and fresh ingredients for a signature flavour.
Daily Casks
  • Monday, June 20 Tart Lager w/ topaz hops
  • Tuesday, June 21 India Session w/ Eureka hops
  • Wednesday, June 22 $5 pints of Hefeweizen
  • Thursday, June 23 $5 pints of Hefeweizen
  • Friday, June 24 $5 pints of Hefeweizen
Fill your Growler

Largest selection of fills in Victoria! In addition to the Growler filling station, we offer all Spinnakers beers and ciders that are on tap in the Pub! 10am - 11pm.
64oz Growlers for $10-15 and 32oz Squealer for $5-7 depending on the beer or cider choice.