Brewer’s Reserve Barrel Aged Launch Party: Winter Harvest

Celebrate the launch of our new Brewer’s Reserve program and be the first to enjoy the latest offerings from the barrel room! On Saturday, January 20th 2018, come down to Spinnakers Pub to taste the new beers, some of our favorites from the cellar, plus exclusive offerings from some of BC’s best breweries. This will be an open event, everyone (19+) is welcome. No tickets required starting at 3pm till close.

Drinking Vinegars- “Shrubs”

Derived from the Arabic word sharab, meaning “to drink,” the early version of the English shrub was used for medicinal cordials. It however, gained popularity in the late 1600’s with smugglers trying to avoid import taxes, sinking barrels of spirits off shore to be retrieved later. The addition of the shrub aided in masking the alcohol […]

Reviving the Craft

Bringing beer local. In just 18 months, the Spinnakers team managed to put together what became Canada’s first in-house brewpub of the modern era.