West Wind Farm

Every Tuesday we have the pleasure of meeting with West Wind Farms. Wendy Montana and husband Darren operate a 15 acre heritage farm in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

As Wendy unloads crates of hand picked Italian Parsley and rich purple eggplant she fills me in on how they haven’t needed to use the greenhouse due to the heat this season. It can reach temperatures in the high 30’s in Cowichan Valley making it one of the warmest places on the island during the summer.

Her enthusiasm and pride are evident as she tells me how much she enjoys delivering her hand farmed produce and insists I smell a large bunch of parsley to understand just how fresh it is; I gladly oblige.

It is such a unique and rewarding relationship for both Spinnakers, our suppliers and our customers to be able to support local farming. Not to mention our kitchen staff who are happily kept on their toes working to create tasty feature dishes based around what gets delivered that day.

Come visit us to see just what we’re up to on any given week, we guarantee there will always be something fresh and exciting!