Every month, Spinnakers releases a seasonal beer to highlight either a holiday, a flavour, a season or just simply a fun experiment.  Our brewers have been extremely busy this summer and with the addition of three new faces, comes a variety of new knowledge and ideas. So here’s the insider story on our three latest seasonals, straight from the horses brewers mouth.


Raspberry Lager

Raspberry_Lager_Bottle WEB 370x800

The raspberry lager is just a very attractive beverage, inside and out. We bought several hundred pounds of fresh raspberries from Mitchells Farm, boiled them down and dumped 100 pounds of pure raspberry goodness into each 800L batch. This is the first time we created a raspberry brew as a lager and the result was a crisp, refreshing, light pink fizzy beer, sure to erase any memory you’ve ever had of feeling thirsty!



Cerveza Reposado
Cervesa_Bottle WEB

“Cerveza” is the Spanish word for beer. “Reposado” means restful, and refers to a tequila that has been aged between two and twelve months. Ergo the name for this new and experimental brew. The drive to create this project beer came from Paul Hadfield himself. He managed to get his hands on some real Mexican tequila barrels which were then filled with our Kolsch back in March of 2015 to marinate for four months. These barrels are the real deal, charred black on the inside which actually caramelizes the wood sugars that then leech into the tequila. After four months of aging, the Kolsch was extracted into a conditioning tank and sea salt and citrus zest was added. We recommend pairing this effervescent cerveza with copious amounts of guacamole and chips.


Rye Bretta

Rye Bretta

Brettanomyces… a word you may have read on your local craft beer menu but perhaps have no idea what it means. To put it simply, “bretta” is a type of yeast. In the wild, bretta yeast lives on the skins of certain fruits, which is why notes of citrus and pineapple flavours can be associated with it. For this funky, bottle conditioned beer, we tank conditioned our Rye Saison and fermented it with a traditional brewers yeast.  The “bottle conditioned” stamp you see on the label refers to the Bretta yeast added into the bottle for further fermentation. This beer is alive! And by that we mean there are active cultures in the beer that cause ever changing flavours the longer it remains in the bottle.  Great with Indonesian food, sharp cheeses, even garnished with fresh pineapple, you’ve got to try this beer for yourself!