Food Day Canada!

We are so excited for Food Day Canada! Coming up on August 5th. We are looking forward to celebrating our local farmers, fishers, chefs, food researchers, and home cooks that source locally and are innovative with Canadian ingredients. As a

Barrel Aged and Sours on tap!

Spinnakers has a unique barrel aged and sour reserve program. Often these unique blends of flavors take an upwards of 6 months to age and mature. These slow beers have become a staple at Spinnakers, showing up in our flights of four tasters or simply as a refreshing glass to sip on slowly.

The Starting Line up!

Thinking about heading out of town this weekend!? Or better yet hanging around the city? Come experience our starting line up of tall cans that range from our classics to a some new fresh tastes. Raspberry Lager- ABV 4.5%, IBU 8

Red Fife Wheat Rediscovered!

Red Fife is a heritage grain that has a genetic variability in the wheat that allows it to adapt to diverse growing conditions. Developed in the 1840’s and then later distributed and growing throughout Canada by the 1860’s. This diverse