Red Fife is a heritage grain that has a genetic variability in the wheat that allows it to adapt to diverse growing conditions. Developed in the 1840’s and then later distributed and growing throughout Canada by the 1860’s. This diverse wheat was originally used as a fine milling and baking wheat in Canada, and was later replaced by other wheat varieties, many hybridized with Red Fife for better disease resistance.

Red Fife was and is renowned for it’s robust taste. It has survived in only a few plant breeder collections and Agricultural Canada’s Seed bank. Having been weeded out after the hybridization, Red Fife was later rediscovered with the help of a select individuals and from Slow Food. Red Fife is now once again grown and distributed throughout Canada. Recognized as a premium artisanal baking wheat, and now in our very own Red Fife Hefeweizen. We are proud to be part of the rediscovery movement of this tasteful wheat.

Not only featured in our Hefeweizen, but also in all our pizza and flatbread dough. We are excited to bring local Canadian Heritage into our daily menu and offerings. Come experience the taste of Red Fife, be part of the revival!





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