At any given day of the week, Spinnakers is bustling with deliveries of all kinds. Local farmers hand delivering boxes of first-of-season produce, Cowichan seafood hauling in crates of salmon and halibut; you might liken it to a busy downtown market!barrels

However, for the brewery, their favourite deliveries come in the form of oak. This week, twenty freshly emptied Cabernet/ Merlot barrels arrived straight from Napa.

Ripe and fragrant with red wine and rich oak aromas, we can’t wait to fill these barrels up with a variety of different ales.

Imperial Brett Stout, Extra Special Bitter, a classic Lambi beer and even our house Lager have all been considered, so stay tuned to see what we come up with!

Current barrel aged varieties on tap:
Rye Bretta – a special blend of our Rye Saison, aged in red wine barrels with brettanomyces for a distinct ‘farmhouse-funk’ and a hint of tartness

Ciel de Nuit – This blended, sour dark saison was aged for 9 months in French oak red wine barrels with a special blend of wild yeast and bacteria for a complex, yet delicate tartness

Sour Plum Brown Ale – A moderately-tart brown ale, aged in French oak with wild yeast and bacteria and plums grown in Spinnakers’ own backyard.

Read more about our barrel program here