At Spinnakers, we strive to source Ocean Wise seafood that’s local, fresh and tasty. That’s why when we first heard of the Honey Mussel, we were intrigued.

whatarehoneymusselsGrown and harvested in the pristine waters of Discovery Passage, these one of a kind mussels are cultivated in a truly unique environment. The shellfish thrive from a constant flow of tidal nutrients in a natural lagoon hidden in an old growth forest. Sounds magical doesn’t it? Sustainability and environmental impact are top of mind for BC Mussel Co.. Great care is taken not to disturb the delicate ecosystem, non toxic materials are used to protect and extract the mussels and they do not use predator netting on the farm.  For over 50 years this family run operation has developed techniques to responsibly manage the business from the very first Honey Mussel to distribution across North America.

As for the taste? Second to none. Plump and full sized these Honey Mussels have a flavour that will enhance any recipe you add them too. A creamy, buttery texture lends itself well to broths and sauces of all varieties. On our menu, enjoy them in 3 delicious varieties: garlic white wine cream sauce, Italian sausage with house made marinara or steamy house ale broth served up with Kennebec fries and rouille. Honey Mussels

Photo source: www.honeymussel.com