If you’ve ever taken a look at the Spinnakers Menu, you’ll notice that we take great care to include the source of each item. Whether it’s the name of the farm, the region, the seasonality, or simply a mention that it’s been grown in our own garden. We believe you deserve to know where your food is coming from.

Our beef burger, however, is a special feature on our menu in that it is one of our longest standing ‘farm to table’ partnerships. For the better part of eighteen years now, we have been trading our spent grain from the brewery to Ellen from Highland Bound Ranch. Spent grain is the leftover malt after the mash has extracted most of the proteins and nutrients.

Below is a condensed, 5 step guide to this full circle partnership:
Step 1 The brewery collects the spent grain after it’s been used in the mash
Step 2 Ellen loads up the back of her F250 with several hundred pounds worth of grain-filled bins
Step 3 The grain is taken to Highland Bound Farm to the Ellen’s hungry cattle
Step 4 We’ll leave this part out!
Step 5 Ellen returns the following week with a shipment of fresh, organic, free range beef four our delicious burger!

buckets 2

Consumers are becoming more aware of the origins of the food on their plate, especially when it comes to animal products.  We are proud to have such long standing relationships with suppliers like Ellen. Not only do we inspire and educate by being ‘relentlessly local’, but we hope to set the standard for what can be expected when dining out on Vancouver Island. Read more on our local philosophy here