Spinnakers was 20 years ahead of the local, seasonal, sustainable trend. Working with the community and using local ingredients is a part of our underlying philosophy and showcasing food grown close to home is what we love. Our community partners and staff are dedicated to sourcing the best of Vancouver Island and we put the best into everything we do.


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Spinnakers has been leading the renaissance of craft brewing in North America since 1984. We are artisan brewers at heart and that is reflected in everything we do. Our philosophy is that great beer goes best with great food. Our brewery is a source of ingredients and inspiration for the food we create, a fact that makes Victoria’s only gastro brewpub deliciously unique.

Our brewers, bakers, chocolatier, chef, pastry chef, cooks and bartenders inspire each other to be innovative in creating and recreating a local interpretation of cuisine. In the face of globalization, Spinnakers takes you back to the farm gates to showcase what makes living here so amazing.

We do it all at Spinnakers, from our own deep well aquifer pure mineral water, to our beer-based artisan breads, house-smoked wild seafood and herbs picked from our very own gardens. Our inventive daily fresh sheets feature dishes just one step removed from the freshness of the farmers’ fields. You are what you eat and at Spinnakers, you eat great!