Spinnakers was 20 years ahead of the local, seasonal, sustainable trend. Working with the community and using local ingredients is a part of our underlying philosophy and showcasing food grown close to home is what we love. Our community partners and staff are dedicated to sourcing the best of Vancouver Island and we put the best into everything we do.

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Spinnakers has been leading the renaissance of craft brewing in North America since 1984. We are artisan brewers at heart and that is reflected in everything we do. Our philosophy is that great beer goes best with great food. Our brewery is a source of ingredients and inspiration for the food we create, a fact that makes Victoria’s only gastro brewpub deliciously unique.

Our brewers, bakers, chocolatier, chef, pastry chef, cooks and bartenders inspire each other to be innovative in creating and recreating a local interpretation of cuisine. In the face of globalization, Spinnakers takes you back to the farm gates to showcase what makes living here so amazing.

We do it all at Spinnakers, from our own deep well aquifer pure mineral water, to our beer-based artisan breads, house-smoked wild seafood and herbs picked from our very own gardens. Our inventive daily fresh sheets feature dishes just one step removed from the freshness of the farmers’ fields. You are what you eat and at Spinnakers, you eat great!


Spinnakers Local Sponsorships

Victoria Harbour Cats

The Victoria Harbour Cats are Victoria’s West Coast League of Collegiate Baseball. Come down to Royal Athletic Park and enjoy some world class baseball at the same time, and with Spinnakers as the official beer sponsor, you’ll have no trouble keeping quenched.


Tour de Victoria 

Ryder Hesjedal’s three long distance races in Victoria B.C. Produced by Ryder’s Cycling Society of Canada, a non-profit organization which promotes and supports cycling across the country. We show our support by selling 6 packs of our “Tour de Vic” Kölsch, partial proceeds of which to towards the tour.


Swiftsure International Yacht Race – Presented by Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

The Swiftfsure race is a staple in Victoria’s waters and Spinnakers is proud to be a long time beer sponsor with the seasonal Swiftsure India Session Ale release every Spring.


Maple Leaf Adventures 

Join Maple Leaf adventures for a craft beer cruise they have called “Tall Sails and Ales.” Spinnakers brews up a beer especially for the Maple Leaf and Swell ships.


Feast of Fields 

Wander through some scenic farmland while eating the food that is grown there and prepared by chefs who live and breath the local food industry. Put on by the Island Chef Collaborative (ICC) of which our very own Ali Ryan is the president. Spinnakers is there representing both delicious local food and tantalizing local bevies!


Island Chef Collaborative

The ICC is a group of dedicated chefs and food industry professionals who have committed themselves to regional food security, farm land sustainability and local food systems. These are the people you want with you in an apocalypse! Spinnakers head chef Ali Ryan is president and Spinnakers is always deeply involved and supportive of the movement.


Food Partners

Spinnakers is commited to using as much local and organic products as possible. We take this very seriously as you will notice if you stop by in the winter months hoping for some tomatoes on your burger. Not in season? Not on the plate! We support smaller farmer who we know and have personal relationships with and we are very happy and proud to do so.


Sannich Organics – Sannich 

Sannich Organics is not one farm but three that have come together in order to produce a wide variety of certified organic produce. The three farms are Feisty Field Organic Farm run by Robin Tunncliffe, Three Oak Farms run by Rachel Fisher and Northbrook Farm run by Heather Stretch.  By combining their farms and rotating their crops they promote bio-diversity practice, soil conservation and are committed to high living standard for farm animals and high labour standards as well.


Dragonfly Farm – Duncan 

Dragonfly Farms produces a range of vegetables and also produces lamb.


Haliburton Community Organic Farm – Cordova Bay

Haliburton Farm is a place where organic farmers and the general public can go to learn about organic farming practices. They describe themselves as “A community-supported, Certified organic educational farm.”


Sonnleiten Farm – Metchosin  

Sonnleiten Farm produces vegetables, fruit, berries herbs and flowers.


Eagle Paw Organics – Sooke

Located in Sooke and run by Candice Thompson Eagle Paw Organics produces vegetables berries, fruit, herbs, specialty items such as chutneys and flowers.


Parry Bay Sheep Farm – Metchosin  

The owners of Parry Bay have thirty years of farming experience. In addition to raising some delicious happy sheep they also grow their own hay.


2 Rivers Specialty Meats – North Vancouver 

At 2 Rivers they stress the importance of the connection between producer and consumer. Their meat is all ethically and naturally produced and is antibiotic, hormone, and chemical additive free.


Guite’s Farm – Sannichton  

A family farm that produces garlic, strawberries, asparagus and preserves.


Trigo Foods – Victoria  

A food delivery company that is in direct support of the local food movement.


Wilberry Orchards – Duncan  

Wilberry Orchards are a hazelnut and hay farm.


Lifecycles Projects – Victoria  

Lifecycles has a number of local projects that promote the use of food that would otherwise have been wasted. Spinnakers is involved in the Fruit Trees Projects. Lifecycles collects 30,000 to 40,000 lbs of fruit off of privately owned trees and shares the produce with the owners, the volunteers, food banks and community organizations. At Spinnakers we have taken the juice and used the products for apple cider vinegar and Backyard Apple Cider.


The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria – Oak Bay

Making artisan cured meats right here in town!


Cowichan Bay Seafood – Cowichan/Victoria 

Cowichan Bay Seafood provides local seasonal and sustainable seafood.


Out Landish Shellfish Guild – Gulf Islands 

Eight individual family run shellfish farms spread over Read Island, Cortes Island and Quadra Island.


Salt Spring Exotic Mushrooms and Sprouts – Salt Spring Island 

Fresh mushrooms are grown year round, are certified organic, no GMOs and after they are harvested they are delivered within 24 hours.


Monsoon Coast – Salt Spring Island 

Monsoon Coast spices are blended on the island to be accessible to a western palate and a great way to get your spices fresh. Amazing spicy food from all over the world available locally.


Natural Pastures Cheese Company LTD – Courtney 

Third generation farmers on Vancouver Island use cow and buffalo milk to make a range of amazing local cheeses.


Moonstruck Cheese – Salt Spring Island

Certified organic cheese made on Salt Spring Island with the help of some lovey Jersey Cows.


Kootenay Alpine Cheese Company – Creston  

A family run cheese company that uses no pesticides, GMO’s or chemical fertilizers. They employ many ecofriendly-farming techniques to help lower their carbon footprint. Their herd consists of 80 cows comprised of Holstein, Swedish Red, Guernsey, and Normande.


Sirene Chocolate – Victoria  

Direct trade chocolate that is based around the principal of bean-to-bar, the coco beans come to victoria from two farms, one in Ecuador and one in Madagascar, and then processed to the beautiful results in Victoria.


Tcho Chocolate – San Francisco USA 

New American chocolate that has such a great relationship with their growers that we have made an exception to our local rule, their product is what makes all those truffles so good!


Highland Bound Ranch

Our beef burger, however, is a special feature on our menu in that it is one of our longest standing ‘farm to table’ partnerships. For the better part of eighteen years now, we have been trading our spent grain from the brewery to Ellen from Highland Bound Ranch. Spent grain is the leftover malt after the mash has extracted most of the proteins and nutrients.


Joseph Lohbrunner Farm – Langford 

This land conservancy/farm produces various kinds of vegetables.


Topsoil – Victoria 

Topsoil: Innovative Urban Agriculture, is a new and very exciting movement that Spinnakers is a happy to be a part of. Topsoil is an urban food movement that uses otherwise unusable space to grow food, and then delivers it by hand or foot or by bicycle to local restaurants to be served to you! You can not get more fresh or more local than that. Right now Spinnakers, Canoe and Fiamo’s are all taking advantage of the Topsoil project currently growing in Dockside Green.

Berryman Brothers Butcheries – Victoria

Berryman Brothers Butcheries is a local environmentally sustainable Victoria based butcher shop. The company specializes in quality custom meat cutting and wrapping. The Berryman brothers are highly specialized in custom sausage making, curing, and smoked products.