What are two of the two best things in life? It sounds like a deep and complex question but the answer is simple… coffee and beer. Never fear, Spinnakers is here! We have solved the age-old problem of whether or not to have a hot, uplifting cup of coffee or a crisp, refreshing pint of beer, and we have two options! A light and fresh Coffee Blonde and a rich dark Imperial Coffee Stout. Our brewers took a field trip to Fernwood Coffee and did a tasting to find the perfect bean for each brew and all the coffee was cold brewed to get all of the flavour with out any of the bitterness. We have got it figured out!

Our Coffee Blonde is light and refreshing, brewed with a touch of lactose, cocoa husks from Sirene Chocolate and topped off with cold brewed Ethiopian Wote Konga from Fernwood Coffee.This is a light and fruiter bean style to compliment the12509746_10154078229229305_4282620941412511244_n lightness of the beer. With a pilsner malt base and sitting at only 4.5% with roasty chocolaty notes, this beer is a perfect way to have a refreshing beer with all the glorious effects of caffeine.

If our Coffee Blonde is like sipping a mocha latte, then the Imperial Coffee Stout is a double shot of espresso dropped into a Turkish coffee and poured into an IV and pumping it directly into your veins. It is awesome! English ale yeast and the finest chocolate roast and brown specialty malts give this IMG_1145beer its foundation. We have topped it off with a Guatemalan Finca de Bolsa, a nice dark and rich bean to hold its own in this thick rich stout, at 8.6%, you can practically chew it. Be careful with this one folks, it’ll sneak up on ya!

The Coffee Blonde is on tap at the pub and both of these stellar brews are available in the bottle. Come on in and pick some up and experience the best of both worlds, beer and coffee, together at last.12541105_10154058201919305_3282518933360148005_n