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We were thrilled to branch out from the amazing and intricate world of beer and dip our toes in the deliciously tart and refreshing world of cider. With a range of apples from the Okanagan and Victoria’s own backyards, we are blending new and tasty creations. All of our ciders are traditionally unfiltered, all natural with no sulphites, unpasteurized, fermented in house and have been tested gluten free.


Raspberry apple cider, gin botanical cider, and perry cider are just some of the blends we released in the last year. Ever-inspired by local, seasonal ingredients, expect to see more tasty variations of cider on tap at Spinnakers Brewpub. Stay up to date with our Current Line Up



Our House Dry Apple Cider was the first blend we created, and can be found on tap all year long. A blend ranging from 3 to 5 apples all made with juice sourced from the De Simone Farms in the Okanagan, a fourth generation family owned orchard. Our House Apple Cider blend is made from a combination of Gala, Granny Smith, Spartan, Golden Delicious and Jonagold. We are currently pouring our 4th blend, made with 4 kinds of 100% BC grown apples. Our house cider is a fresh, dry, sparkling and ridiculously refreshing beverage. While the blends are ever changing, never fear, this tasty cider is here to stay!

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